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From 2012 to 2014 each week we tried to post a new article about an extra ordinary filmmaker. Last year when The Terminizer took over our schedules we had to put the press on hold. We hope to get back to it soon!


Isla-Isabel2As a filmmaker, the process of making a film can mean a number of different things to different people. Some people consider film a form of art, some think of it as a business, and some of us think of it as a way of life. Despite what it means to us, all true filmmakers have one thing in common, our passion. Making films is something we do because we want to and because we love it. It is obvious when watching the mini documentary, “Los Amigos in Baja California,” that Cat3 Productions is passionate about their work. This is why, for the first time in Jump Ship history, we are bringing you two filmmakers of the week, Brice LeCarre and Ivan Nevares, both owners of Cat3 Productions… To continue reading click here.


Mike FOTWWith such an amazing film community here in Arizona, it is so easy to accumulate incredibly talented friends. These are people you know you can always rely on to tackle any project by your side, regardless of how crazy the idea may be. One of the people that I am proud to call my friend and fellow crew mate is Mike Daiz, a man who was on the very first Jump Ship set and has grown with us over the years. Jump Ship recently went through a large transition, one of the main changes being the move away from film challenges toward other ventures. As we’ve been gearing up to take on the biggest… To continue reading click here.


Conundrum Still - Bill WetherillI have recently noticed several of our talented Arizona actors have not only been branching out to roles that are more involved behind the camera, but also succeeding more than I saw coming. I think that it is the understanding of what it takes to tell a story without words that gives these creative connoisseurs their ability to transition so flawlessly. Bill Wetherill is a key example… To continue reading click here.


Ian FreemanifiedOne of the things that have come out of this newfound acceptance of all things geek is a large amount of fan films based on some of our favorite characters. We can now not only openly enjoy the stories and characters in a comic, game, book, etc. but we can see them come to life before our eyes, sometimes better translated than others. I recently had the pleasure of beating Portal andPortal 2 for the first time and got my first exposure toHalf-Life, which takes place in the same universe (I know, I’m a little late to the game). I absolutely fell in love with the universe, so when I saw that Ian James Duncan was hosting a Kickstarter to do a… To continue reading click here.


249042_10200227483724665_1713961734_nI met Charles Peterson last year at Phoenix Comicon; he had a few films playing and I had the pleasure of seeing two of them. From the few words we exchanged at Comicon, I can tell you that Charles is very passionate about his work, and although his work is extremely edgy, he’s probably one of the most grounded people I’ve met. Comicon has a block of films that screen really late at night. I am referring to the 18+ category. I found it interesting that I met Charles at the Con in the middle of the afternoon, considering there… To continue reading click here.


1551618_10152206526718875_109470708_n The AZ film office, however, closed in 2009 due to budgetary reasons, forcing many productions to look elsewhere for locations to shoot. On Thursday, January 16thSen. Carlyle Begay sponsored the bill, SB 1098, to bring back the film office, and with him at the state capitol buzzed a flurry of filmmakers rallying for a cause that they believe in with all their hearts. At the head of that rally was a man namedRandy Murray… To continue reading click here.


!cid_ii_1438eb8a34efd39cBeing able to think outside the box is a trait that all great filmmakers must have; anyone who has been on a film set knows that nothing ever goes 100% according to plan, and you have to be able to roll with the punches. On top of being prepared for anything on set, thinking outside the box is also important during the pre-production phases. Most of us young aspiring filmmakers have huge ideas and little to no budget. We have to get creative with finding the right props, obtaining appealing locations, and pulling together wardrobes to transform our actors. But even when you get all your props from Goodwill and all your locations are free, some kind of budget is often necessary. Luca Patruno has decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary to raise funds for his project… To continue reading click here.


977431_10202070055625568_542492901_oIt is no secret that we love film challenges at Jump Ship Productions. Just about every film we have ever produced has been for a challenge with the IFP Phoenix or Almost Famous Film Festival (A3F). Challenges are a great way to get your name out there and meet tons of amazing and talented people, but they are also good for winning prizes! Every year Doritos hosts the Crash the Super Bowl Ad contest where people all over the world can submit their own 30 second spot to compete for a slot during THE FREAKING SUPER BOWL! And if that wasn’t enough, the winner of the contest this year will also receive a prize of $1,000,000 and will be invited to join the crew on the set of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Our Filmmaker of the Week, Ryan Andersen, not only submitted… To continue reading click here.


1012330_10201019180274364_867633765_nA few weeks ago, Jump Ship Productions attended the screening for the IFP Mystery Box Challenge at Harkins Theatre Scottsdale 101. While I always enjoy watching all of the films, normally at these screenings there are usually only a few that stand out above the rest. At this particular screening, I was blown away by the quality of films that were played. It seems that local AZ filmmakers are really stepping up their game, so when Kyle Gerkin heard the name of his film, “After the Beep” called as the Best Overall Film, he was caught… To continue reading click here.


1385854_642110972487883_779281523_nI still consider myself a baby in this wonderful community, so I tend to get extra excited when I have the privilege of meeting our more seasoned members in person. The past several weeks, Jump Ship has taken a break from posting articles so we can concentrate on our latest film, Break Down, which was our submission to the IFP Phoenix Mystery Box Challenge. When producer, JP Frydrych, told me that we booked Greg Bronson to play our antagonist, I was absolutely ecstatic.  He has been around this industry for quite some time and I have always heard only wonderful things about him. I must say that all of those things held true when… To continue reading click here.


Lee_Quarrie_HeadshotLee Quarrie is the writer, director, and producer for Patchwork Dreams. This amazing film has taken her to new heights in her career, and she has chosen to share this experience with local filmmakers with the motive of bringing work to the very community that raised her as a filmmaker. Many of us today are grinding away day in and day out at jobs that we hate, dreaming about all of the other, much more wonderful things we could be spending our time on. Lee spent many years of her life doing “soul-sucking” jobs that left her feeling unfulfilled, but then she found film. Lee says… To continue reading click here.


eva movie poster 24x36

Several months ago I noticed an amazing photograph from a film set that showcased gorgeously detailed costumes and grand Tudor furniture. At first glance it appeared to be a big budget Hollywood film, and then I noticed that our very own local diva, Melissa Farley was the actress in the picture. At first I thought to myself, “Did Mel go to Hollywood?” but then I realized that this was not a big budget Hollywood film after all, it was an amazingly well done  local Arizona feature. This photograph was taken on the set of the film Women in Love, written, produced, and directed by the incredibly talented Gita FaridGita is well known for her ability… To continue reading click here.



Normally there is a certain list of awards that are given away at these screenings, but this year the IFP is doing something different by adding a specialty award for each challenge. The award for the this challenge was Best Sound. A very wise man once told me that “a great sound guy is one that goes unnoticed,” but this time he was noticed, and that guy was James AlireJames says “Film production was never on my radar as far as what I wanted to do with my life. I kind of fell into it and have been hooked ever since.” He started… To continue reading click here.


One of my all-time favorite genres is film noir. In fact, my acting debut was supposed to be the lead female in a neo-noir film called “The Case of the Missing Floozy” (yes…  I was playing the floozy), which was a sequel to The Case of the Missing Pants, written, directed, and starred in by our very own Robert Garcia. Unfortunately the Floozy was never finished, and I was left longing for the creative intensity that is noir, so when I spotted a post about the premiere of a noir film called “Blackout” on facebook, I was very excited to say the least. Douglas Monce wrote, directed, shot, and edited “Blackout” himself over the past four years, and it is finally ready to premiere this Saturday! Because we here at Jump Ship Productions love noir… To continue reading click here.


ShellyLast year Jump Ship Productions worked on a little film called TITUS for the IFP Masterpiece Challenge. The film required a child actor to play a very key role, so JP Frydrych got to work doing what he does best and found us a wonderful little girl named Emmy Boucher to play the role of Young Samantha.JP and I decided to meet up with her parents before the shoot at a Filmbar event to talk a bit about the story and get to know them a little. Both of her parents were wonderfully fun and interesting people, but her mother in particular sparked my interest. Shelly Boucher is not only a talented mother, but she is a talented filmmaker as well. She has been involved in… To continue reading click here.


Rey 2It is not particularly often that you find an actress with looks, talent, enthusiasm, and professionalism all wrapped in one, but Desiree Srinivas achieves all of these things flawlessly. Jump Ship Productions has had the pleasure of working with her during the IFP Breakout Challenge in 2012, and she was an absolute delight throughout the project. It seems lately that I cannot go to a major function without running into her, and she always happens to be working on some interesting project, literally right there on the spot. Since Desiree is currently… To continue reading click here.


SW-F3cSeveral weeks ago I was Facebook stalking one of my favorite fellow filmmakers, Mike Rea, and I noticed a series of very intriguing photos from the set of a film called Poison Sky. Soon after, another one of my favorite people, Nile Popchock, suggested Steve Wargo as a Filmmaker of the Week. Since two of the most talented people I know in the Arizona film industry seemed to speak so highly of the same person, I decided to do a little research on his project Poison Sky. I was absolutely… To continue reading click here.


981491_10151594966714242_1814446343_o (1)Several months ago I heard that a local film company, Running Wild Films, posted a full length feature that was completely improved called 1 (Improvised Feature Film). Like a good little film nerd, I decided to stop what I was doing (soul crushing work in a cubicle) to indulge in a little YouTube viewing action. I was familiar with the majority of the actors in the film, however one, Amber Michelle Davis, was new to me and I was completely delighted by her performance. I have since noticed… To continue reading click here.


389553_2536081441655_1885901135_nAs technology advances, it seems like more and more films are using Visual Effects (VFX) and Motion Graphics to aid in the telling of a story. Filmmakers are doing amazing things with technology, building entire worlds on a computer. I have heard a lot of great things throughout the community about the talents of Logan Hennessy, but I had no idea how impressive his work is until… To continue reading click here.


Jump Ship Productions recently participated in both the IFP Breakout Challenge and the Almost Famous Film Festival’s (A3F) 48 hour film challenge, and during both there was one group that caught our eye. LJR Productions put out two delightfully whimsical films that were very obviously made with a lot of love. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Ray, the writer/director and owner of LJR Productions about his… To continue reading click here.


Photo Oct 31, 11 43 52 AM

Last weekend, Jump Ship Productions participated in the Almost Famous Film Festival’s (A3F) 48 hour challenge. We have participated in four challenges so far, and our crew has grown bigger and better for each one. During the Breakout Challenge, we turned to Sean Rasbury to do some Photoshop work on one of our props.  We were so happy with his work that we decided to bring him back for the A3F 48 hour challenge as an editor. Sean worked tirelessly during the shoot, dumping, organizing, and syncing all of the footage from our dual cameras, and when the shoot was over and the majority of the crew went home for some much needed shuteye… To continue reading click here.


_MG_3666During the month of January, Jump Ship Productions had the pleasure of participating in the IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge, and last week was the seemingly long awaited premiere of all the participant’s films. I definitely feel for the judges this year; there was a wide variety of excellent films from a number of talented teams. Although I had more than one favorite, the film that really stood out as a whole was Mission Control. This little gem took home… To continue reading click here.


eli2As a member of the Arizona film community, I often admire people that I’ve only met once or twice, or even not at all in some cases. Through our interactions with one another in the community, we build reputations, whether good or bad, that sway others opinions of us. I have only met Eli Godfrey once at an event at the Film bar, but through the fantastic things I’ve heard about him and the wonderful project updates I see on Facebook, I feel like I’ve known him for years. Eli is always supporting his fellow filmmakers, so here at Jump Ship Productions, we thought that it was our turn to support him! When Eli was in high school… To continue reading click here.


Mike ReaThis past weekend, Jump Ship Productions took on one of our most ambitious films to date for the IFP Breakout Challenge, and with bigger films come bigger crews.  One crew member who especially stood out to me was Mike Rea, our amazing Lighting Technician. No matter how impossible the task seemed, Mike not only gave us exactly what we wanted, but he did it with enthusiasm. He also volunteered to be… To continue reading click here.


Rachelle McCrayAfter taking a much enjoyed holiday break, we are excited to jump back into writing our Filmmaker of the Week articles, and there is no better local filmmaker to kick off the New Year than Rachelle McCray. Not only is Rachelle native to Arizona, she was even crowned  Miss Arizona United States in 2011. Rachelle says that when she was just… To continue reading click here.


Cory RoweAs independent filmmakers, we often have to work with extremely limited budgets. There are resources out there to help us obtain some sort of funding (crowd fundingsponsorshipselling your soul, etc…) but these methods don’t always guarantee enough money to cover all costs of creating a film. Cory Rowe is producing and directing a short film that he wrote, called “The Light Beneath the Door.” On November 3rd, he is filming… To continue reading click here.


Jonathan Maiuri

Last summer semester I took a screenwriting class at Scottsdale Community College with my wonderful boyfriend/producer, JP Frydrych. We met a ton of amazing people in this class; some of them were budding filmmakers and some were just taking the class because it sounded interesting. This is where I met Jonathan Maiuri of A Mexican and a Jew Productions. I got along with Jonathan right off the bat because of his… To continue reading click here.


Stacie Stocker

I have had the opportunity to work with Stacie Stocker on a few different sets. She comes prepared to work and she always has a smile on her face. Stacie, who wasn’t allowed to see a movie in the theater until she was… To continue reading click here.


As I was perusing the “Arizona Film: Crew Members” group on Monday, I noticed a post from Mircea Goia that talked about a different kind of networking site, Cinely. This web service is geared 100% toward film production. It is a one stop shop to find a build… To continue reading click here.


Eric MacDonald is passionate about filmmaking. He is one of those filmmakers who will go wherever you need him simply because he knows that it is what the team needs. Because of his hard work on set of our Loony Tunes fan film and his talent as both… To continue reading click here.


Several months ago, after a long day of work, I walked through the front door of my house to an eerie scene.  The lights were gelled red, the hallways were consumed by a spider web of chords, and Christopher Sheffield was being murdered in my kitchen. This was the first time… To continue reading click here.


Last week I noticed a Kickstarter campaign, run by Keegan Ead, bouncing around my Facebook news feed for a documentary on Ancient Painters of the Colorado Plateau. They were still 10% away from their goal of $15,000 with just a few hours left. I watched the campaign intently as the clock ticked down and the donations trickled in. In just six hours… To continue reading click here.


Film challenges are a fantastic way to test your skills as a filmmaker and push your limits with genres you’ve never done before. The IFP Phoenix recently held a Beat the Clock Challenge where each team of filmmakers had 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and submit a film no more than five minutes long. Sunblind Films was among 18 teams to participate in the challenge this year. Donovan Morgan was tasked with writing the script for their film, “Septasum.” Because of his ability to… To continue reading click here.


Alex Italics is a man of many talents. He has dabbled in political science, written and performed music with local bands, gambled for a living, taught three poker theory courses at a community college, and was even an extra in a local water park commercial at age six. He would also like it to be known “if any potential intern recruiters are reading this, (his) other passion is making coffee.” On top of all of that… To continue reading click here.


Film is a compilation of multiple different forms of art that interlock like pieces of a puzzle. In order for a film to have a lasting impact, all of the components must come together in just the right way to create one harmonious work of art. One of the most impactful pieces of film is sound. Choosing the right song to set the mood of a scene, finding the right sound effects to emphasize different actions, and balancing the dialogue from one shot to the next is essential to creating a good film. Nick Follmer has dedicated his life… To continue reading click here.


The state of Arizona is extraordinarily lucky to have a multifaceted assortment of talented filmmakers. Some of us have been dedicating ourselves to the industry for many years and some of us are just starting out, eager to learn whatever we can from whoever is willing. Chelsea Samuelson is a newcomer to the Arizona film industry. I met her two months ago at Phoenix Comicon during a filmmaking panel with Missing Link Pictures where she… To continue reading click here.


Gordon Cowie has a unique way of creating his own opportunities within the film industry. When he decided that he wanted to venture from using his talents for corporate work to making more artistic films, he didn’t just go out and make a film. Gordon teamed up with a friend at Above the Radio and created a contest to give away… To continue reading click here.