Break Down


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Three college friends speed through the desert on their way to Las Vegas for a weekend of crazy fun. They are unexpectedly held back when they run into strange car trouble, and their weekend turns into something crazier than they could have ever imagined. This film premiered at Harkins Scottsdale 101, home of the Phoenix Film Festival, on November 14th 2013 for the IFP Mystery Box Challenge 2013. It won 3 awards including: Best Music (Nile Popchock) Best Actress (Madison Ottinger) and Best Trailer. It was an offical selection of Phoenix Comicon 2014 and has screened several times at local film events, like “Filmstock presents Bron Con!” in which every penny earned that evening was donated to Greg Bronson to go towards his medical bills.

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In the not to distant future Titan, one of  Saturn’s moons is colonized. The colonists cultivated this moon with a synthetic atmosphere. However, 5 years after the colony was established the moon rejected the atmosphere by pumping large amounts of methane gas to kill the inhabitants. Panic broke out in the colony, and the moon has almost been completely evacuated. This film premiered at The Phoenix Art Museum on November 13th 2012 for the IFP Masterpeice Challenge 2012. It won 6 awards: Best Overall FilmBest Director (Robert Garcia & Nicki Legge), Best Music (Nile PopchockBest Overall Technical ElementsBest Actor (JP Frydrych) and Best Trailer. It was an Official Selection of the Phoenix Film Festival 2013 and nominated for several awards at Phoenix Comicon 2013 including:  Best of Festival, Best Narrative Short, and Best of AZ. This film took home Best Science Fiction at Phoenix Comicon 2013.

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The Duel

2nd Place IFP Finals

An unnamed hero faces imminent danger as he confronts a gluttonous mob boss and his two henchmen. Just as he is about to make his move, something unexpected happens that completely changes his world.  This film premiered at the Phoenix Art Museum on August 10th 2012 for the IFP Beat the Clock Challenge 2012. It was Nominated for best trailer, Awarded 3rd Place overall and Best Actress (Chelsea Samuelson). It screened at the Phoenix Film Festival during an IFP Short’s Finals showcase at Harkins Theatres Scottsdale 101 and took home 2nd Place overall. It was an Official Selection of Phoenix Comicon 2013 and nominated for several awards including: Best of Arizona, Best Narrative Short, and Best Action Adventure.

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The Duel Awards

Mr. Wallace The Great

Mr. Wallace has lost his ability to perform magic and it’s affecting his sales at work. From the team that brought you “TITUS” and “The Face of Innocence“, Mr. Wallace The Great is a light hearted comedy about an average goof-ball Wizard. This film was an official selection at the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival. This film Premiered on February 28th 2013 at AMC Arizona Center 24. It was produced for the Almost Famous Film Festival‘s 48 hour challenge. It received a Top 20 Placement Award, and JP Frydrych received an award for “Outstanding Individual Performance” for portraying the character of Mr. Wallace.

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The Face of Innocence

Jacob Szczypinski finds a piece of evidence that could bring down the serial kidnapper responsible for his sister’s disappearance. This film has been submitted to the Burbank International Film Festival and Gig Harbor Film Festival. This film premiered at The Phoenix Art Museum on February 7th 2013 for the IFP Breakout Challenge 2013. It won 5 awards, including Best Trailer, Best Overall Technical, Best Music (Nile Popchock), Audience Choice, and 2nd Place. It screened at the Phoenix Film Festival during an IFP Short’s Finals showcase at Harkins Theatres Scottsdale 101. Most recently this film screened at Filmstock Presents: A Night of Noir and was an official selection of Phoenix Comicon 2014.

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